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Model Speedy Max is produced by the Polish company Aeromax. Model version KIT is laser-cut from plywood and balsa for self-assembly. Aeromax’s models are developed by an experienced modeller-constructor. From the drawing board project goes to laser cutting, then the model is assembled and test-flown. After the tests, all the necessary corrections and finishing touches are applied, and only then model is allowed to enter the production line.

Speedy Max model family consists of four models built on the basis of a one fuselage with a tail-plane. Installing basic plane-convex profile patches and one of the three versions of the cockpit, we get Speedy Max, Truck or Sport models. While installing trapezoidal patches with bi-convex profile and open cockpit, we get an Acro version. Within a few minutes you can configure any version of the model (wings and fairings for other versions are available in our store).

Technical data:


Span: 2160 mm
Length: 1580 mm
Weight (approx): 6000 g
Recommended electric or petrol motor 25-30 ccm

Set contains:

laser cut parts (ribs, nicks, etc.).
laminate engine fairing  (for self-painting and cutting out holes for the engine)
plans in scale 1: 1

 To assemble the model you will need the following materials and accessories – not included in the kit


Dural pipe + pocket Φ 26×1 – 1 pcs.
Landing gear 4/410 mm LP445- 1 pcs. (code products: 01-1258)
Tail wheel – 1 piece.
Wheels Φ 120 mm – 2 pcs.
Wheel axles – 2 pcs.
Balsa Sheet 2x100x1000 mm – 8 pcs.
Balsa Sheet 3x100x1000 mm – 1 pcs.
Balsa Sheet 4x100x1000 mm – 1 pcs.
Balsa Sheet 10x100x1000 mm – 1 pcs.
Balsa Sheet 15x100x1000 mm – 2 pcs.
Pine wood strip 3x3x1000 mm – 9 pcs.
Pine wood strip 3x5x1000 mm – 1 pcs.
Pine wood strip 4x10x1000 mm – 4 pcs.
Pine wood strip 3x10x1000 mm – 4 pcs.
Triangular flow strip 25x7x1 mm 2 pcs.
Carbon tube fi 6 mm – 1 pc.
Carbon rod / tube fi 6 mm – 1 pc.
Linkage hinges Φ 5 mm – 17 pcs.
Flap hinges K1/1.5 – 6 pcs. (code products: 12-0954 / 12-0955)
Horn A3 – 7 pcs. (code products: 12-0952 / 12-0953)
Oracover film – 7 mb.
Canopy locks
Spinner Φ 63 mm – 1 pcs.


Description of the construction of the model:


To see the model in action go here:


We carry spare parts for our Aeromax models (fuselages, wings, fairings, tail-plane).

Gallery (examples of finishes):

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