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Align 3 Blatt Heckrotor T Rex 700/800


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Align 3 Blatt Heckrotor T Rex 700/800

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• Suitable for T-REX 700 / 800
• The brand new 700E three tail blade set is specially made from aerospace grade aluminum alloy with precise mechanical process, highly enhance structural rigidity and precision.
•=8fTotal 3 tail blades design allow to achieve superior tail-lock performance and excellent controlling feel. For those who is addicted to 3D flying, you must convert to the three tail blade set and enjoy the amazing powerful flight performance.



• 3x Metal Tail Rotor Holder
• 1x Stainless Steel Tail Rotor Hub
• 3x 3 Blades Tail Rotor Torque Tube
• 3x Tail Rotor Washer (8x10x0.3mm)
• 3x Socket Button Head Collar Screw (M3x8mm)
• 6x MR106ZZ Bearing (6x10x3mm)
• 3x Thrust Bearing F5-10M (5x10x4mm)
• 3x M3 Nut
• 1x M4 Set Screw (M4x4mm)
• 1x Metal Tail Pitch Assembly
• 1x Slide Shaft
• 1x Collar
• 2x MR128ZZ Bearing (8x12x3.5mm)
• 3x Control Link
• 1x Bearing Holder
• 6x Collar
• 6x Collar Screw (M2x6mm)
• 3x Socket Button Head Collar Screw (M3x17mm)
• 3x M3 Nut

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