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ALZRC Devil 380 420 480 Parts DS452MG 450 CCPM Mini Digital Metal Servo


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This item have upgrade to a new size, it will be 27.5mm high.The gear inside will be more stable.


Name: Coreless Servo

Brand: ALZRC
Model: DS452MG
Operating Voltage: DC4.8V-7.2V
Working frequency:1520us/333Hz
Speed and torque:
– 4.8Kg.cm/0.065sec/60°@7.4V
– 4.1Kg.cm/0.072sec/60°@6.0V
– 3.6Kg.cm/0.084sec/60°@4.8V
Dimensions: 23mm x 12mm x 26.3mm
Weight: 20g
Motor: coreless/1215m
Wire Length: 220mm
Plug: FUT, JR Propo
For 450-480 rc helicopter.


Suitable for the 450-480 level helicopters.
The 1215 5-pole coreless motor, fast response, low energy consumption, high efficiency, than conventional motor life up to five times more, lifetime number of 200,000 times.
High precision potentiometers, consistency, and one million times higher life potentiometer.
High-resolution digital chip, stable performance, strong anti-interference ability, fast response, high precision, control is more delicate and smooth operation.
Shell is made of aluminum alloy shell, the high-precision CNC machining shape, better protection of the product accuracy and thermal performance servos.

?All metal gear, the output gear using titanium processing, enhance the strength and durability of gears, greater smoothness, even smaller gears virtual spaces.
Dual bearing design, the use of imported precision miniature bearings, concentricity greater degree of protection gear and smoothness.

Package included:

1 x DS452MG Coreless Servo
3 x Servo arm-A
1 x Screw (M2.5x4mm)