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T Rex CopterX CX 500SE DFC V3 Flybarless Torque Tube


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 T Rex 500 Copter X CX500SE  V3 DFC TT  Bausatz

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CopterX CX 500SE V3  DFC Flybarless Torque Tube Version Kit

CX500SE-TT kit is the top of the line model come complete with carbon fiber one piece frame, full aluminum alloy rotor head and tail assembly, no need for upgrades for this model. Assembly is very straight forward as the rotor head and tail come assembled already. The quality of parts are first class as the beautifully machined aluminum alloy rotor head, tail assembly, all anodized in black. And carbon fiber frame and boom support make CX500SE-TT a truly desirable helicopter.


Simple and light weight design provides awesome flight performance and extreme 3D capability
Rigid carbon fiber frame design
Carbon fiber main blades at ultimate performance
Carbon fiber stabilizer set
Full Alu. main and tail rotor set
Impact resistance factory painted canopy
Rotor head/tail with thrust bearings
Direct-to-swash CCPM linkage
Durable torque tube tail drive system
Fully driven tail auto rotation system
Aluminium tail servo boom mount
Carbon fiber Tail Boom Brace
Long composite battery mount for adjustable CG
Fully ball raced for slope free operation
New composite materials boom lock, gyro mount, battery mount to isolate vibration and increase performance
New weight paddles for stable flight
New heavy duty screws for easy maintenance and stronger structural strength


Length: 850mm
Height: 310mm
Main rotor: 970mm
Tail rotor: 200mm
Main Gear: 162T
Autorotation Tail Drive: 145T
Tail Drive gear: 31T
Gear Ratio: 1:13.5:4.68
Weight(without power system): 1030g
Box dimension: 526*241*116mm

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